How accurate is a home DNA paternity test?

DNA paternity testing is the most accurate way to find out who the father is! The power of DNA testing for human identification is indisputable—it’s the Gold Standard, and has been for over 25 years.

Yet most people still don’t understand exactly how DNA is used when comparing two related people, like a father and a child. And there are many factors that influence just how accurate a DNA paternity test is, and we address them here.

Comparison Testing

The science of paternity testing is one of comparing one DNA sample to another to see how much in common there is between two. If there is nothing in common, it’s safe to say the samples, and therefore the people being tested, are not related. If the DNA samples do have traits in common, it is up to the scientist to determine if the people are related. In the case of a father and a child, the ultimate goal is to figure out if the DNA samples that are being compared conclude that YES, he is the father, or NO, he is not the father.


Each DNA testing facility is a combination of laboratory equipment and laboratory technicians. Machines and people. The best situation for your testing is the latest in technology that can deliver the very most accurate analysis AND the most highly trained scientific staff. You’re putting your trust in the results of the DNA test, so it’s critical that you’re confident in the laboratory that’s running your test. The Experience of the laboratory is critical, and the staff at DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), the laboratory behind Home Paternity, has over 20 years of paternity testing experience, and multiple certifications and accreditations from other organizations who routinely inspect for quality.

Automation & Repeat Testing

With today’s highly technical testing, automation is key. Rather than have each DNA sample handled many times, automation allows for minimal handling, which means there is less chance for error. In addition, DDC was the first laboratory in the US to repeat every test twice, to ensure 100% testing accuracy. Each DNA sample is split and run down separate paths, including separate genetic analyzers, then compared at the end to ensure the same results are found with every test. While not a step that you see, this is a huge part of ensuring that a DNA paternity test is accurate.

Because of the reputation DNA has for providing indisputable identification, it’s often taken for granted that paternity testing is accurate. If you need a paternity test, Home Paternity is a great choice for peace of mind. The testing lab is the very highest quality in the world, located right here in Ohio. Because our lab has been investing in the very best equipment and people since 1995, you can be assured that your test with Home Paternity is the most affordable and accurate DNA paternity testing.