Simple Facts About Home Paternity Tests

Many people have questions about the paternity of their children. What used to be taboo is now more open and discussed. Which man is actually the father? How can I be certain? These are very private questions, so it makes sense to conduct a DNA paternity test at home. A home DNA test kit can help answer many important questions and give you the confidence that comes from having the answers you need.

A Better Testing Solution

HomePaternity offers convenient, affordable testing kits that you can use in the privacy of your own home. This is different than the type of paternity test where everyone goes into a lab, shows ID, get’s their DNA taken by a technician, etc. It can take time, it can be embarrassing, and it can be more expensive. There are many reasons to choose at home testing:

• No medical paperwork to fill out
• Sample is collected at your convenience
• Sample can be collected at any time
• Private, discrete testing services
• Easier on the wallet

Using the Test At Home

Using the DNA collection kit is easy. Just follow the instructions provided to collect a DNA sample using the cheek swab. The inside of your cheek has lots of easily accessible genetic material, so this is the preferred collection site. Secure the swab in the container provided, and then ship it to the testing center. Shipping information is included with your kit. The test itself is not performed at your home; only the collection. You must wait a little while to receive the results of the paternity test, but with HomePaternity, that wait is only 1-2 days.

Get Your Kit Today

The sooner you order your home test kit, the sooner you can get the answers you need. Let HomePaternity help you discover the truth.