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DNA Relationship Testing Made Easy

Confirm a biological relationship with an affordable test you can do at home

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Accuracy Guaranteed
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Easy At-Home Test
Father and child

Need to determine paternity or a biological relationship?

Father and daughter

You deserve answers.

Don’t live with uncertainty about your biological relationship.

3 Easy Steps to Get the Answers You Need


Swab Your Cheek

Once you’ve received your test kit, follow the included instructions to collect your buccal swab sample, or choose one of our accepted alternate sample options, such as a toothbrush or nail clippings.

Mail Your Sample

Send your sample using the included prepaid mailer via FedEx or USPS.

Get Results

Get fast, accurate results via our secure online portal, and get the answers you need to move forward.

Home vs. Legal Paternity DNA Tests

Home Paternity Test
  • Not admissible in court
  • No names on report
  • Collected at home
    Shipping included
  • Cheek swab sample
    or other discreet types
  • 99.999%+ accuracy rate
Shop Now $99
Legal Paternity Test
  • Admissible in court
  • Names on report
  • Collected at local clinic
    Available nationwide
  • Cheek swab sample
  • 99.999%+ accuracy rate
Shop Now $299

Shop Paternity DNA Tests

Need a test where your results can be legally accepted in court?

Why Trust HomePaternity?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a DNA parentage test work?

What if I want to test more than one child or alleged parent?

I don’t want the potential father to know about the paternity test. What options are there for discreet paternity testing?

What are the sample options aside from a cheek swab?

How accurate is the DNA paternity test?

What happens to the test samples after the test?

Does the mother have to be tested for a paternity test as well?

What can I do if the father is unavailable or unwilling to be tested?

How long does it take to get the DNA test results?

How will I receive my DNA test results?

Can my test results be used in court?

Can I buy a test if I am from New York State?

Are the results confidential?

What Our Customers Say

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