Aunt/Uncle DNA Test


Confirm if you are the biological aunt or uncle of a child.

  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Simple cheek swab for 1 child and 1 aunt or uncle, option to add mother
  • Get results within 5 days after we receive your samples


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Icon Accuracy Guaranteed
Accuracy Guaranteed
Up to 34 genetic regions tested
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AABB Accredited Lab
Results from the most accredited lab in the world
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Easy At-Home Test
No doctor’s visit required
Father and son

Get clarity about your relationships with a grandparent DNA test.

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3 Easy Steps to Get the Answers You Need


Swab Your Cheek

Once you’ve received your DNA test kit, follow the included instructions to collect your buccal swab sample right from home.

Mail Your Sample

Send your sample using the included prepaid mailer.

Get Results

Get fast, accurate results via our secure online portal, and get the answers you need to move forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a legal aunt/uncle DNA test?

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