I’m from New York State. What should my next steps be?

New York State has specific requirements for paternity testing, including: specimen (sample) collection by a third party under chain-of-custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analyzed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. For more information on the NYS policy, call 1-800-682-6056.

Where can I ship my samples?

Check the shipping provider on your prepaid mailer. If you have a USPS envelope, you are able to drop off samples at any in-store USPS location. If you have a FedEx envelope, you are able to drop off samples at any in-store FedEx location. NOTE: Please refrain from using outdoor drop-boxes as weather conditions can affect the state of your DNA samples and results.

How do I track my samples?

Please start by writing down the tracking number on your pre-paid mailer to see if your samples have arrived at our lab. We are unable to see the tracking information provided on your mailer, so it is vital that you keep a record of it if you would like to track your samples.

My samples have arrived, but I haven’t received a notification from HomePaternity.

Once your samples have been delivered to the facility, please allow approximately two business days for the lab to begin testing.

Why was I asked to re-collect my samples?

If you were asked to re-collect samples, it is likely due to our laboratory technicians being unable to detect a viable amount of DNA to complete the testing process. When re-collecting, please ensure that you follow the directions exactly and avoid coating the swab with any saliva.

Are there names on the results report?

There will not be names provided on your results report because this test does not require identification verification for any tested parties. If you would like to include names on your results report or make sure your results are court admissible, please contact customer service by filling out the form or calling 1-800-329-3758.

Can I use this test in court or for any legal purposes?

This test does not meet the criteria for court admissibility. Court-admissible results require chain-of-custody samples and verification of identity. If you require a test suitable for court proceedings, reach out to us at 1-800-329-3758.

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