DNA Testing: Just Like Television, Or Is it?

DNA testing is a very common plot point in TV shows and movies. In fact, just about every mystery or thriller has something to do with DNA evidence. While many of these popular works of fiction have grains of truth, it is important to understand the truth about DNA testing, whether it be for forensics, or another popular cliff-hanger: paternity testing. A home DNA paternity test for the average family is likely to be less glamorous than the dramatic reveal taking place on an afternoon talk show, but it will give you some very important information. And for YOU, the results can have every bit of drama that we see on television, but it’s real. It’s your life, your future.

Is the Child Really Mine?

The birth of a baby is a wonderful occurrence but sometimes parents have some very private questions. Was she always faithful? Is he really the father? Whose child is it really? Should I get involved in my sons or daughters affairs? Do I have the right to question the paternity of my grandchildren?

These questions are just as dramatic as any fictional story, but they have real-world implications. Even if paternity doesn’t seem important today, there may come a day when this information is valuable. As a long time provider of paternity answers, we can say with confidence that those that take the steps—sometimes the leaps—to get answers, are glad they did. No matter how painful the truth sometimes can be, it seems to be better than the unknown.

Knowing the truth about paternity is important for many reasons. For instance:

• Paternity is related to child support and household/dependent taxes.
• Getting an accurate family health history is impossible without this information.
• Inheritance and wills might be contested if there are questions about paternity.

Real Answers to Real Questions

Collecting a little swab of DNA at home may not seem like much, but this sample contains some very important information. With a little help from HomePaternity, you can get dependable answers to your real-life questions.