Home Paternity Tests: No TV Appearance Required!

If you watch daytime TV, you’ve probably come across talk shows like this: A woman had relationships with three different men at the same time, and she’s not exactly sure which is the biological father of her darling little baby boy. The baby kind of looks like Man A, but the timing of conception coincides better with Man B. And Man C was a one-night-stand, so who knows? Home paternity tests or legal tests were performed on all three men and the baby, and the answer is waiting in an envelope…suspense builds…and the real father is revealed, as the audience claps or jeers. If you’ve never seen these shows, our December 2017 lighthearted parody commercial of the Christmas Story gives you a pretty good idea what they’re like.


Why DNA Testing is the Gold Standard

DNA paternity testing is widely accepted as the gold standard for determining biological relationships, as long as the testing is performed by a highly-accredited and trusted laboratory. The science doesn’t take sides in a dispute: it just gives absolutely reliable answers, usually with a probability of relationship of either 0% if the man tested isn’t considered the father, and 99.9% or higher if the man is considered through testing to be the biological father. It’s a completely impartial method, which is why courts use the science to settle paternity matters for legal reasons like child support or custody.

Home Paternity Tests are Ideal Solutions for Peace of Mind

Within just the last decade, home paternity tests have become available for purchase by anyone—both at retail stores and online. A DNA test that once could only be obtained through the courts (or a daytime TV show!) could now be done in the comfort and privacy of home. The testing process in the lab is the same for an at-home test as it is for a court-ordered test. The main differences are:

  •  Results for home paternity tests cannot be used in court, since the identity of participants cannot be verified. But they are just fine if you just need answers for your own peace of mind
  • Home paternity tests costs quite a bit less, since there are no additional fees for witnessed collection and other services that are required for legal testing

Home paternity tests have revolutionized how everyday people can find answers to some of life’s important questions: Who is the father of my child? Is this child really mine? The testing is now so much affordable and accessible than it used to be and yet completely reliable and trustworthy. Best of all, you don’t have to air your private business on TV for everyone to see—unless you want to!

Not all Home Paternity Tests Are Created Equal

Before choosing an at-home test, be sure to do a little homework first. Check reviews and be sure the company has an excellent reputation, like Home Paternity! Your results are too important to leave to chance!

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